I recently was on the hunt for a good toner that will condition and tighten my face up. It’s the summer time and NO ONE wants to be wearing heavy thick acne lotions but you still want to be seen with flawless even out skin. I finally found something that leaves my face feeling mosturized but is not a lotion so I don’t have to worry about my face melting and sweating later on. Thayers Witch Hazel contain NO ALCOHOL (so you don’t get that dried out feeling on your face) and it contains aloe vera that keeps your face feeling fresh and moisturized. They have a bunch of different scents you can get like rose, mint and lavender but I went with the lavender just because it has a calming affect.I picked this up at Whole Foods and I have to say its definitely a SWEET purchase!

witch hazel

                                                                                 $9.00 – Whole Foods Grocery Store

Mac Cosmetics recently dropped a MATTE BLACK lipstick that I was dying to get my hands on but like always, It was sold out the same day. They debuted it on Black Friday and the shade is called “Haute Core”.  Anybody know where I can get it ?

black lip swatch blacklip

Check this tutorial out for all you NATURAL ladies !



Get Tamar Braxtons Effortless Clean Grammy Look
56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
1. Apply Black Opal Even True Conceal & Brighten Under-Eye Concealer ($8.95) to even out any uneven areas under the eyes.

2. Next, apply Even True Flawless Skin Liquid Make-Up ($11.95) all over the face to create a flawless skin tone.

3. Set make-up with Black Opal Invisible Oil blocking powder ($8.95) to control shine and give a matte finish without leaving a powdery residue.

4. Add a little color to the cheeks with Black Opal Baked Blush ($6.00).

5. Finish the look with Black Opal Color Splurge Lustre Gloss Lip-gloss ($6.95) in Cheeky.

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply silver glitter polish on all fingers.

3. Apply Gold hologram polish on all fingers.

4. Apply a top coat.

No shocker here: Sleeping in makeup can set the scene for breakouts and congested pores with oily skin.

Step 1: Make Acids Your Friend
Remove your eye makeup, then wash with a salicylic-acid or glycolic-acid cleanser to get rid of surface oil.

Step 2: Grab a Power Tool
Exfoliation prevents clogs and zits. A motorized microdermabrasion kit uses tiny crystals and a moving head to buff dead cells.

Step 3: Go Deeper
Unclog pores with a purifying clay mask—it’s less drying than mud and draws out impurities.

Step 4: Hydrate
A salicylic-acid-spiked moisturizer lightly hydrates while simultaneously gently clearing pores.
Lupita is BEAT

DOOBOP is an online retailer that specialized in products for women of color
Pharell reveals his age-defying remedies
You have to clean your face. You can’t sit around and assume it’s going to be OK. I wash my face every day—don’t be afraid to wash yours before you go to bed!” He also revealed that he uses Glytone products.
Pharell’s dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones gives him the $39 Glytone Acne Self-Foaming Cleanser, which he follows with the brand’s $20 Acne Cleansing Toner and $28 Acne Lotion.
Candy Coated Crush told you here first!


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