Candy Coated Crush originated in 2012 by Candice and Brittney, two young college student addicted to the entertainment lifestyle. The origin of the name Candy Crush came from Brittney’s stage name Crush and Candice who can easily be nicknamed Candy hence Candy Coated Crush. Originally starting as friends, they decided during the summer that they wanted to start a blog where they can keep people posted with fashion trends, new music both underground and mainstream , and current events. Their blogs appeals to anybody interested in the entertainment and fashion industry and they are always open to putting “artist on the rise” on the blog along with celebrities we see in the limelight everyday. Candice is from the Big Apple and has studied mass communication/Broadcasting and is currently in school studying film and video while Brittney works on her music carreer dropping her debut mix-tape and studying Music Business and Management. They both host a radio show “Candy Crush” which is another segment of Candy Coated Crush. Here they will give you the same vibe of the blog but in audio form. Listeners will be able to tweet them with music request along with enjoying interviews and discussion about various subjects. Candy Coated Crush mission is to keep their audience up to date from the perspective of two young females who live the life they blog about.blurred


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