SEASONED SOUNDS – 9 to 5 The Producer

Bodegas, chopped cheese sandwiches and block parties in Kingsbridge are all to familiar to this Bronx Native producer who has invented his own sound called “Psychedelic Hop-Hop”. This genre embraces some of the familiar drum patterns of hop hop with chords and progressions of another generation. His sound seems unique yet has a familiarity that makes you instantly want to nod your head. He has worked with a variety of underground artist including Danny De La Vie, Radamiz, Gusto Grey, LFC and more but you wouldn’t be able to tell by his calm and humble nature, just how much work and success he has gained in the past year. His previous project Dreams and Realities was his debut appearance as an underground producer and he followed it up with “First Day On the Job”. Both projects displayed his growth as not only a producer, but a musician as well. His latest masterpiece “Bondage” is just another demonstration of why he calls himself “9 to 5 The Producer”. You know what they say, Hard work beats talent if talent isn’t hardworking and it seems like this young man has both.
Check out his latest masterpiece “Bondage”

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