Eye Candy : Drake “Hold On We’re Going Home”

Drake releases visuals for his top charted single “Hold On We’re Going Home”. Im a big drake fan but i must admit that most of his music videos don’t catch my attention so this one is hands down my favorite. I like the fact that the video has a story that fits perfectly with the song. Check it out


Tasty Trends : Kerry Washington



Kerry Washington turned heads as she appeared at the Emmys in a Marchesa gown paired up with  Fred Leighton jewels. Many Scandalious fans were dissapointed when Kerry did not win an award for “Best Actress in a Drama” making her the first African American woman to win the award. Scandal actor Columbus Short took it to twitter to say that Kerry was robbed of the award

Columbus Short: Robbed. Robbed I tell you. ROBBED. @kerrywashington is without question the MOST OUTSTANDING. We’ll see you next year Emmys. @scandalabc

I wish I could of ran on stage and pulled a Kanye. #OkImDoneVenting #EmmyRobbery

Shonda Rhimes: Gonna get some wine and some popcorn and put on my white pajamas and just be fierce all over my living room. #gladiatorsdontcry.

Katie Lowes (plays Quinn Perkins on Scandal):
Love you KERRY!!! You make our #Scandal family so proud EVERYDAY especially today. #KerryIsTheBEST

Bellamy Young (plays the First Lady of the United States on Scandal)
There are no words except I love u @kerrywashington and you didn’t just WIN in my mind,there was absolutely no competition #kerryisthebest

Debbie Allen:
Very proud of you @kerrywashington! I adore @kerrywashington She is one of the most gifted actress of our time.I can’t wait to work with her on @ScandalABC

Gabrielle Union:
SO very proud of @kerrywashington & @AlfreWoodard … Grace, beauty, brains, TALENT #winnerseveryday #LoveAndLight


Im just ready for the new season to start! .. DAD?



Burr ! Whats going on with Gucci Mane?

Gucci Mane has been acting very strange and out of line lately. He went on a twitter rant disrespecting people such as Drake Nicki Ciara and more!

Check out his tweets below

gucci-mane-twitter-rant-2 gucci-mane-twitter-rant-11 gucci-tweets-3


Celebrities like Tyga responded back calling him “Burberry Man” when Gucci Mane claimed to have been with Tygas baby mother Blac Chyna.


Well , it seems as though Gucci Man has responded to this madness saying he is getting help for his addiction to Lean. He also followed that statement with apologies to various people including his “girlfriend” Keyshia Dior whom he disrespected and humiliated.



This is sad.

Wendy Williams gets nasty

Chris Brown said something in an interview that triggered Wendy Williams to fire back calling him a woman beater and much more. Check it out below

Chris had a recent interview with Jet Magazine where he stated:

Anybody with a voice – Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. – gets formatted…except maybe for Jay Z, who is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass

Wendy barks back saying :

Chris is blaming his rocky relationship with the media on racism. He says that Jay Z is one of the few black artists who seems to get treated fairly by the media. He also went on to say, “[Jay Z] is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.” Okay, I remember when he stabbed Un. He was mildly famous at that particular time. A lot of you all didn’t know who he was at that time but he was big here in New York and he stabbed this guy named Un. It did get swept under the rug.

Also the drug dealing and stuff…to my best knowledge that was before we even knew him as a Jay or a Z, Chris. You are less than smart for trying to blame Jay Z. You need to blame yourself young man. You’re a woman beater, you’re disrespectful, you threw a chair out of the window of “Good Morning America”…what ever happened to that cute young man that used to dance for the Doublemint gum? What ever happened to him? Now I get it, all boys grow up. A boy grows into a man, but you look like a junkie. That’s what I’m gonna say. You’ve got those nasty tattoos, you’re way too skinny. You don’t seem to have respect for much at all. You beat the stew out of Rihanna and you’re with that Koochie Crayon right now. I gotta tell you something, Rihanna is good but the Rihanna she’s become is a little too edgy if you’re looking to change around your image and you want to be treated the way Jay Z [is treated].

Why don’t you go out with a nice girl named Mallory or something? It helps Jay Z’s image that Jay Z is very cognizant of his image, but it also helps a lot that he’s with a nice girl named Sasha Fierce. And please don’t Twitter war me because I don’t bark back. So please save your Twitter war rant, young man.”



I was able to make my way to the JoyRich pop up shop in Soho Nyc. The store will be up for a few weeks for people to go in and not only be able to buy some dope exclusive apparel but take pictures, socialize and enjoy good music. That was how my experience was when I went to the opening of the pop up shop on Lafayette. I met Joyrich designer David Mengar and took pictures with Adrienne Bailon. I couldn’t leave without purchasing something so I purchased a white leather Joy Rich fitted and a pink printed jukebox muscle tee. Stop by the shop and pick up some dope stuff.

david meng

David Mengar of Joy rich



adrienne B

With Adrienne Bailon who is SO beautiful in person.


Shirt is from TopShop paired up with a leather skirt


Wearing my Joyrich tank and white leather hat.


Nelly Get Like Me Ft Nicki Minaj & Pharell

These three hip hop heads have joined forces for Nelly’s song “Get Like me “. I really like the feel of the song but then again I like almost EVERYTHING that Pharrell releases. Matter fact, I like anything that he has had his hands in because he is BEYOND talented. The video is in black and white and has a very fresh simple yet exhilarating feel to it. I have to say that all three artist had a specific line in their verse that I really liked . Check out the vid below