All gold everything

As you know, grills have been this years newest fad and I just wanted to take a moment to showcase all the different styles and shapes of grills that we have seen celebrities rock this year.


Of course we have to start off with my girl RIRI since she has the grill game on LOCK







grill grill2 grill5 grill6 grillllll





Keri Hilson new look ; Sweet or Sour ?

This is my GIRL so Im BIASED I always think that she looks fabulous however I DO want to see what other people think about her new look. I love how clean ther braids are and the length is so cute ! Despite the fact that people believe that the Poetic Justice braids are overrated, I personally love this look on Keri. What do you guys think?











Solange shows us how innovative and creative she truly is

Either you love Solange or you don’t either you understand her or you wont but as for us … WE LOVE HER! Solange performed at the  Atlantis Super Wash Laundromat with her band as she sang numerous songs including a cover of Niveas Laundromat. Now, I’ve read other blogs where they seem to put her down for this and have said she has reached rock bottom but in my opinion she is taking a risk and stepping out the box, something that a lot of artist don’t GENUINELY do. I’m not talking about doing crazy things that  people before you have already done and calling it YOURS, im talking about TRULY being innovative and being bold about it !  I mean in my opinion Solange is the reason that young women are wearing  box braids, bold prints and pant suits so its clear that she is a trend setter and a leader amongst many things!

— Lets not forget that Solange is a CANCER just like the candy coated crush girls and we are by far the most creative and versatile fashionistas in the entire zodiac 😉

solange-knowles_650 Solange-Knowles-in-concert-at-Laundromat2 Solange-Knowles-Performs-at-Brooklyn-Atlantis-Laundromat-in-Zero-Maria-Cornejo-jumpsuit-nicholas-kirkwood-beaded-printed-lace-up-booties-fader-music-festival-8

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look that she is rocking on the left picture!  Yes solange!

check out a clip of her performing Niveas song

When weave goes wrong …

Soooo.. Foxy Brown is in the limelight because she allegedly had a celebrity stylist install and color a weave for her that she never paid for. The stylist claims that Foxy Brown owes her $900 and even had video and text messages to prove it. Foxy asked that the stylist do her hair and after it was completed, Foxy Brown walked out the salon without paying causing the stylist to chase her for her payment. Unfortunately the stylist did not receive her money and after numerous text messages and calls, Foxy responded saying her people will take care of it and its annoying that the stylist keeps texting her

She also proceeded to say that she usually doesn’t even have to pay for her hair… I think its funny how she slipped that in

“I dont ever have to pay for a stylist when the very best in the biz are some of my closest friends”

This is what a source who is close friends with the stylist had to say about the situation

My friend Gen is the hair stylist that did Foxy’s hair. Gen has been a celebrity stylist/makeup artist for a few years now. Here is the real story regarding her and Foxy. She made arrangements to dye a weave for Foxy and do a full installation for $900. Foxy was adamant that no one be in the salon while she gets her hair done. Gen installed the weave and when it was time to pay, Foxy disappeared. Gen called and texted Foxy numerous times. At first Foxy wouldn’t answer but when she finally responded she made it seem like Gen was harassing her for the payment. She said things that insinuated that she always gets things done for free and that someone would be reaching out to her in regards to her payment. She then sent about 4 photos of her with the hair. After a few more times of reaching out, Gen let Foxy know that she will take legal action if this isn’t handled. A few weeks passed and Gen ran into Foxy in a corner store on St. Marks and Flatbush in Brooklyn. That is when she went over to Foxy and asked her for her money. In the video you can clearly hear her say, “Where’s my money Foxy Brown? You owe me $900 Foxy Brown!” After the video posted to instagram, Foxy went on her page and put up a post saying something along the lines of a crazed fan attacking her in a store. People who knew the real story, including myself, called Foxy out on the post. Of course her goons and minions attacked us while Foxy said nothing. Eventually, I and the rest of the people who went at her were blocked from her page.


Honestly this whole situation is a ratchet mess. Foxy get it together. I also don’t think that this hairstyle was even worth $900 but due to the AMOUNT of weave that’s in her head, the length and the coloring, It’s worth a pretty penny regardless of how I personally feel about it.

Watch the video clip of the stylist asking Foxy for her money below…