G.O.O.D Music , G.O.O.D Fashion.

Is the Tomboy Harlem grown girl who only wore Ice Cream Crewnecks and Billionaire Boys Club tees becoming a sexy fashion icon?  Teyana Taylor has grown up since her sweet 16 birthday bash and you can catch her in a luxury vehicle before you can catch her riding on a bike. Her swagg is like none other and maybe that is how she got her foot in the door of G.O.O.D Music. She keeps sex appeal all while wearing timberlands, she has a Jordan collection sicker than some ball players and can wear heels and bright Kaoir lipstick with such poise. Teyana is talented, beautiful and is an innovator in her own way as she designs her own Adidas sneakers. We don’t know when they release but we do have a sneak peek picture that Teyana released on her twitter. I personally LOVEEEEE teyana so im very happy for her !



Never judge a book by its cover !!!

Philly grown rapper E-V-E has showed us to never a judge a book by its cover! She has been in an interacial relationship with a white man for quite some time now and is NOT ashamed of it ! She has tweeted

“I am Not ENGADGED to anyone but I am in love with someone @MRGUMBALL3000”

WOWWWW , sounds like shes really head over heels for this guy.  After talking to Angie Martinez about dating outside her race she says that people have given her alot of grief for it but now that its been over three years, people have started to accept it. Eve kept it very real and admitted sometimes she cant even believe it herself but she knows that true love is bling and i respect that alot. Business man Maxamilllion seems to really support EVE and show her the type of love shes been looking for. Although he considers her Ruff Ryders days “Cute” , she still says the difference in culture is something they learn from together.



The “Princess of Atlanta” has made a remix of Futures “Turn on the Lights”. What I love about Ciara is that she is always showing love and support to artist on the rise from Atlanta it must be the southern hospitality because as you know she did a remix to Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag” and Keri Hilson did a remix to “Turn my Swag on ” . After releasing her remix to Turn on the Lights, the pop princess released her remix to her single “Sorry” featuring GUESS WHO? … FUTURE!  I’m a future fan and I respect his work and  because hes been working very hard ever since 2010- 2011 from working with gucci mane to writing YC’s RACKS , Future has been grinding hard. I also think there is something very musical and soulful about his voice and his style and sometimes I feel people don’t give him a lot of credit for the fact that he made his own lane and sound that is so different and versatile he can get on a trap beat, a love song with rihanna or say “I’m Sorry” .

Young money artist settles down with family ?

Im not too sure if all this hype about Blac Chyna and Tyga is everything its been hyped up to be but I will say that Tyga has been taking responsibility as a father. What he does as a boyfriend , i cant really talk too much about because I don’t know what goes on behind the scene and unlike the overrated attention craving KIM AND KANYE , we don’t really see much pictures of blac chyna and tyga locking lips or showing too much affection. They did however attend a Lakers game in California and were court side (of course) and it seems they were having a good time, well Tyga was at least. Maybe this was a package deal that came with the house that he purchased for Blac Chyna and Baby Cairo to live in. It surprises me that he was sued for not paying rent for an apartment in Malibu but is now buying a 6.5 million dollar house but i guess you have to do what you have to do once you have someone calling you daddy… we are talking about his son btw lol

The mansion has 8 bathrooms, seven bathrooms, a spiral staircase, swimming pool, movie theatre, basketball court and a movie theatre. With the launching of his adult film website, im afraid to know what might be on the screen of that movie theatre BUT on the other end congrats to Tyga and Blac Chyna for their beautiful baby boy King Cairo.



Rihanna’s new Release of her seven studio album ‘Unapologetic’ finally hit the stores and itunes recently. After evaluating the album from start to finish I have to say that it is one of my favorites from her next to her first studio album ‘Music of The Sun’ , which was released in 2008. There are so many diverse elements about this album that there has to be something for everyone to love and relate to. Her single Diamonds is definitely a favorite of mine next to ‘Stay’ featuring Mykko Ekko. She recently performed it to on SNL along with ‘Diamonds’ which you can watch below.

Despite the different vibes and songs on this album, I enjoyed it and I think it came together well. What did you guys think?

Candy Coated Crush Loves Fashion, Music & Breast Cancer Awareness

Candy Coated Crush (Brittney & Candice) both were involved in creating a successful Breast Cancer Awareness fashion show at their school Five Towns College. Special guest included Emily B from Love and Hip Hop and many other talented artists. The fashion show raise a lot of money which went straight to the Hewlett House Organization to help fund Breast Cancer research.

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Kelly Rowland has dropped her video for her new single “Ice” featuring Lil Wayne. The song is basically saying that the man is SO COLD , he’s actually hot… I think.

You’re like ice
I-C-E, feels so nice
Scorching me, you’re so hot hot
Baby your love is so hot hot

It has exactly the same feel as Motivation which isn’t necessarily a BAD thing being that motivation was very successful however are these the only songs that bring Kelly success? Kelly has a great voice but it seems to me that if she isn’t talking about sex, she doesn’t get much attention. This is a bad cycle that Kelly is in and I really hope to see her doing other things (besides cameos in Trey Songs videos). Dont get me wrong I LOVE Kelly being that i have grown up singing songs like “Bug A Boo” and “Bills Bills Bills” but I would like to see her do better than baby making songs with ‘Lil Tunechi”. On the BRIGHT SIDE her body is in great shape she looks amazing ! Attached is the video “Ice” .