Nicki & Cassie team up for “The Boys”

Nicki Minaj and Cassie have teamed up for their single entitled ” The Boys”.  The video is very whimsical and dreamy. It incorporates lots of pink, baby blue , turquoise and yellow. There are children eating over sized cotton candy and pink chocolate fondue fountains. Now we all know this is Nicki Minaj at her best however it seems to me that they took more time thinking about what effect would make the sky pink than they did thinking about the concept and arrangement of the song. Sadly I believe that the song lacks consistency and quality. After watching the video I had to ask myself “what are they talking about” and after watching it again I realized that the song is very unorganized and simply confusing in my opinion. With lyrics like “You mad dusty, You a lil’ dusty possum, I come through with the six like my name was Blossom,” I just didn’t know what the song was about. Nicki has done this before however I was a little disappointed that Cassie put her name on it. I honestly think that Cassie is just lost and is desperate to stay relevant in the music scene, she hopped on this record. We all know Cassie is not a singer however she is BEYOND GORGEOUS so maybe that’s why Nicki worked with her. Who knows. Never the less I strongly believe Cassie can have a more blossoming career on the runway versus forcing herself to gain respect by making music because lets face it , its most likely NOT going to happen. Cassie hasn’t had a REALLY successful hit since “Official Girl” and that’s back when people believed Weezy might be the best rapper so you know that was awhile back. Below is the video watch it and then fill out the poll so Candy Coated Crush can know what you think about this Candy Land Carol.


Two wrongs don’t make a right.

A video of a Cleveland bus driver has surfaced the internet leaving many people buzzing about the behavior exhibited in the video. A woman who is aboard the RTA bus gets into an altercation with the bus driver who then taunts back at the girl. When the girl becomes furious at the statements the driver makes, which causes the crowd on the bus to laugh.. the woman confronts the driver. The driver then re-acts to the girl and punches her in the face.

Here’s the video below:

There are many things that I find to be wrong altogether about this video, BOTH parties are just as guilty as the next. I am a female and although I don’t agree with the drivers actions I do believe that as a woman, there is a certain way that you should carry yourself into the world if you want to be respected. The belligerent attitude and the actions of this woman opens the door to the kind of trouble that she was exposed to. “If she wants to act like a man, I’m going to treat her like a man.” The bus driver says this about the woman and although the people think that what was done to her was wrong, (as do I) she allows herself to be misinterpreted through her language and her actions. “Bring your mami up here b-tch and I’ll beat her ass too,”  (0:18) language like this and constant cussing is no way to show someone that you aren’t comfortable or acquainted with being in altercations. It is not helping to calm down the situation, instead it is fighting fire with fire. What the woman should have done was either said her peace and then set down or simply removed herself from the bus. When the bus driver makes a comment saying “looking like someone sliced your face up,” (0:22) the people on the bus began to laugh causing the woman to feel embarrassed. The woman then gets into the drivers face and whether she pushes him or punches him, it should be noted that she does make contact at (0:29). Up until this point the woman’s behavior puts her in the wrong, UNTIL the bus driver gets up and punches her in the face because not only did he punch her, but he chokes her and pulls her hair.  (o:50) However what really makes me really upset is the fact that many people keep stressing the fact that it is wrong because she is a woman. Does behavior like this become acceptable if the other person in the party was a young man? In my opinion I think it doesn’t. Things like this shouldn’t be made justifiable in any case, that’s why it saddens me that some people only care because she is a female. Yes, it does magnify the wrong of it all, but it doesn’t make it okay in any case. Violence such as this, and behavior such as this should never be okay. I think that it’s time that people pay attention and take responsibilities for their actions. The woman allowed for a misrepresentation of herself with all of her negative attitude, language and such, and so did the driver when he allowed himself to be taken out of his professional element. The audience that laughed was wrong, the driver was wrong, the girl was wrong. What are your actions saying about you? How are people perceiving you? If you can’t ask that question to yourself and be sure that the answer is positive you need to do better.


I love looking on Nasty Gal because they always have some amazing pieces. fall is my favorite time of the year so im a big fan of knee high socks , sweaters , boots and scarves ! Its just such a fun season you can mix and match pieces from different seasons and still look stunning right before it gets really cold. Heres a couple pieces from that I really adored.

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Sean Paul has teamed up with Kelly Rowland and can i just say that I like Kellys’ hair in the video but I cant really say the same for Sean Pauls’ mohawk …

BUT on another note I cant help but instantly start to dance when Sean Pauls’ verse comes! He has such charisma on a track and he never lacks energy. Kellys’ vocals sounds great and i’m really liking the feel of the song. Above is the video where Kelly and Sean ask How deep is your love?

They dont her QUEEN for no reason !

Queen LaTifah brough in a record of 6.5 million this weekend from her  remake movie “Steel Magnolia” on Lifetime. It is Lifetimes third most watched movie EVER ! Shout out to Queen Latifah she is a very hard working BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and a great role model for young ladies especially in the black community. Lifetime states

“These incredible numbers speak to the powerful stories and performances delivered by amazing casts and the strong production teams behind each movie. We are very proud to have partnered with them on these very special films.”



KEKE PALMER HAS BEEN DOING HER THING! she looks very grown and mature but the thing I like about keke is I feel like she’s always stayed true to herself. She doesn’t feel the need to reveal her body or talk sexual to proove that she’s grown up a little bit and I respect that ! She has recently died her hair blonde and i’m not too sure how i feel about it but i know i don’t HATE it . Maybe it just takes some times to get use to. Below you will find a video of Keke Palmers newest videos featuring Kevin McCall and her other single ”Dance Alone”.


My girl E-VEE-E is BACK!  Her single “She Bad Bad” which is now on Itunes, is getting the attention of many people. With lyrics like:

“You’re here and make me sick, what you selling I ain’t buying
Man, I live it better tough so you keep coming, no, they can never catch up”

and “They say they will protect her, but really they just want kiss and caress her.
Now sit your ass down, ‘cause class is now a session, they’re like
Oh, she bad, bad, oh, she bad, bad”

Many feel that she may have some type of tension towards todays female rappers.. cough cough NICKI , but doesnt it seem like EVERYBODY has a problem with nicki? First kim then mariah now EVE?! In my opinion EVE is just saying that shes been in the game for a while and shes ready to make a comeback.This Philly grown rapper has not been on the music scene with her own music for a while and while she has been doing features and performing with Jill Scott, we do miss singles from this paw print stained rap diva.

JoJo is willing to demonstrate

First and foremost I want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE jojos new single “Demonstrate”. 40 has made numerous hits for Drake and is now the man behind Jojos new record. Here are some pictures of JoJo seen at the Teen Vogue Awards. She looks very grown and sophisticated and she looks likes she’s toned up as well ! Ive always felt like Jojo was one of the purest female vocalist in the game. Her riffs are clean cut and STILL give me goosebumps and I wish her all the success in her career.