EYE CANDY: Don’t Judge Me x CB.

Chris is back with another Single off of his “FORTUNE” album and he has bought us a visual to go along with it. In his latest “Don’t Judge Me” video, Brown is offering up the idea that he’d go to great lengths for the one that he loves. In the song he sings about dealing with the consequences of the past and the pain that it brings his current girlfriend. In the video he plays the Black Diamond who is trying to save the world in a sci-fi visual. Could this be a cry out from all of the rumors that blogs has placed him in when it comes to other females? Either way the song is something I’m sure many people can relate to when they go into relationships with someone who carries plenty of baggage. No-one is perfect, so the say…


TASTY TREND: Timberland Boots Make Comeback?

Most of us have ALL had a pair of timberland boots or maybe even a FEW. Whether they were the classic wheaties or the beef and broccoli’s, time were a classic shoe. Many celebs have been spotted sporting boots on their feet. Stars like Kanye West and JayZ never put them down , you can see them wearing a fresh pair on any given day whether court side of a Laker game or during a performance of Watch the Throne.
So are timberlands making a comeback? Or did they never leave?

EYE CANDY: Sorry x Ciara.

Ciara is back with a whole bunch of regrets in her latest single titled “Sorry.” The one-two step singer is on the scene again with a new song being released off of her newest studio album titled ‘One Woman Army’. Jasper Croon who produced and wrote the track of Cee’s-Cee’s old hit “promise” is back at it again with the dancing diva who is ready to say sorry and repair an old relationship on this track. In the song Ciara croons:

“Cause I tried and tried
And I cried and cried
Up late at night and I hurt
And I tried to fight and I cried to god
Oh please let it just work
And i’m going crazy with you
You got me so confused
Cause you walked away, and I walked away
And we should’ve stayed baby”

Sorry isn’t too much to ask for, and I’m definitely digging the vibe of the old school R&B. She is on fire with this one, so hopefully she can deliver more heat after this single with her next single “Got me Good.” Sorry is a good look for her, in my opinion, what do you think?